Password sharing..a problem for Napster?

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Napster users sharing passwords to save cash
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A story by MusicAlly in the Register gives details on tests they have done on password sharing by Napster users.Given that Napster users are (probably) mainly hard up and young, its scarcely surprising that they try to save money by sharing one account among several students, but according to Napster it should not be technically possible. Looks as if Napster could be losing a deal of income here...If it can be done, users will find a way to do it.

Over the past couple of days MusicAlly has run several tests, during which we were able to download and stream simultaneously from four separate computers across two separate Internet connections for good stretches of time. ... By comparison, several other Internet subscription services, including Real's Rhapsody, log the first user out automatically if a second user logs in using the same username and password.


Oh The Irony!

Napster is either grossly stupid or devilishly brilliant

What happens when college students graduate (usually)?

They get jobs. And money.

Perhaps Napster is doing what Microsoft has been accused of doing for ages: turning a blind eye on a certain level of piracy with the reasonable assumptions that:
1) The people pirating software / sharing passwords are likely those who could not currently afford to actually pay for the software or services.
2) Those same people, once accustomed to or hooked on that particularly software or service, may later pay for it personally or in a business capacity.

e.g., get market share, then worry about more fully monetizing it later.

Besides, there are a lot of annoyances that people must go through when they share Napster IDs; mixed playlist lists, hitting the 3-computer-max download limit, mixed up synchronizing, occasional logouts, etc. I am betting that many of the people who get hooked on Napster at college will go on to be customers later. Napster apparently agrees (given that it's giving greatly-discounted Napster access to many college students in the U.S.)

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