Google Play the Spin Game with Earnings

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Google top executives to earn $1 each in 2005
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You don't need to convince all of the people, all of the time, some of the people some of the time is usually good enough. Google big wigs take no pay in 2005 after cashing in 100's of millions in stocks in 2004...

You'd be forgiven for thinking i don't like Google, but it's not really true, i dislike some of their practices and have issues with their non communications strategy. What i object to most though, is the assumption that we're all stupid.

Reuters report that Larry curly and mo will be earning $1 this year each as salary. I'm guessing this is for several reason:

  • To keep a lot of millionaires (G employees) with their feet on the ground by setting an example
  • To garner some good favor with the press
  • Maybe some kind of tax reasons, well beyond my knowledge to really even speculate on

It seems so cynical...



>But Schmidt, Brin and Page each have sold Class B shares potentially worth hundreds of millions of dollars

says it all right there.

> - No Spin. No Agenda. Just the Facts. As they happen.


It sounds like a tax move...

You pay a higher percentage of tax on salaried earnings.

Maybe they have to pile up some contingency cash ...

... to cover for all that litigation coming their way these days, probably won't be able to buy out queueing plaintiffs with stock anymore once they've lost a case or three, poor blighters. :-)


>>You pay a higher percentage of tax on salaried earnings.

Yes. But it only is an advantage if you own most of the company (which they don't).

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