WebmasterRadio Launch Archives, but no Downloads...

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WebmasterRadio.FM Releases Show Archives
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The good news is, you can now listen to archived shows from WebmasterRadio.fm. The bad news is, you can't download them to play on the move...

I was really happy to see that Darron and the WMR boys and girls had finally released archives for the show's but to my mind, they're missing a huge opportunity by not providing downloads - if you own an ipod, or want to download a show to play on your laptop on the train, it's no go.

What a shame.

Still, it's a step in the right direction for sure, i simply don't have the organizational skills necessary to schedule such luxuries as listening to shows at certain (often antisocial, for me) times in the day, but when i remember, i'd love to go and find the show's I want to listen to :)

6/10 guys, get those things downloadable!



I'm sure the Guru will get a round to it. Just gotta sick his lovely wife on em to get it done.

Nice, but I get nothing

Would love to see this actually happen, but every time I try to listen to an archive, I either get an error message or just the music that is currently playing. will check back later to see if it is working or not.

Download would be cool

Lots of IPOD etc users out there looking to fill wasted hours on planes, trains and automobiles. I think even the BBC allows downloads of past programs, nothing wrong with copying the BBC, or AP etc

Save link as...

...on the links and you can download the mp3's.

I coulldn't

I tried to wget the link target, no joy..

What's with the goat?

They have a picture of an 'infamous' goat on their pictures page.

Do I want to know?

The goat

> Do I want to know?

Well, I am not sure. It really depends on your "ethics" - I am not sure you do want to know unless you are into some REALLY kinky stuff :)

You'll Be Glad To Know

I spoke with Brandy today and they are planning on doing this shortly. So it's in the plans Nick.

I really like what they're doing with WebmasterRadio. They have good programs that I think everyone can get something out of.


We are indeed podcasting...

Hey Guys,

There are a couple shows which have not been populated in the db yet and they are coming. There were lots of shows to upload. Also, the moment we launched this...we launched it to podcast. The RSS is there for anyone who uses IPodder or IpodderX. So we didn't miss the boat...we were just busy setting our sails! hehehehe

Note...even Podcast.Net is on the feed: http://www.podcast.net/cat/221 and a couple other categories as well. Our effective listeners due to podcasting...in 1 weeks time have gone way up. We are very excited about the prospects that podcasting brings.

It took us awhile, but its because we were working to build and deploy a solid mechanism to support the ease and deployment of the size and number of files we are dealing with. Now its here and everyone is quite excited.

We appreciate everyones help and support, without the community...we wouldn't be here.

With the RSS feeds, you can use any newsreader or ipod program even to download any of these shows on your portable device or your laptop. So rewrite that opening post Nick! lol


That's wonderful news! great stuff...

Consider me subscribed :)

Gotta Love It!

wink wink...rss is amazing indeed...even for audio files.

What's a podcast?

sometimes i feel soo old...


- now i'm a bit wiser :-) Good article, it only forgot to mention what you need in order to listen to a podcast, and how to do it.

Anybody knows a way to listen to those podcasts on your PC?


It's just an mp3 file, just click it if you're on Win, or run it through your favorite media player clause

Go and try something from http://www.itconversations.com that'll get you started nicely...

I found out

... i found this nice article - it explained it all and even suggested that i was not old, but in stead born in the past week. Well, what do you know...

Thanks a lot Nick - i listen to a lot of webcasts already (mainly music radio though), now i've got a new toy :-)

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