Area 51 on Google Maps - Missing!

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Area 51
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Conspiracy theorists will have a ball with this no doubt, if you check Google Maps for satellite of Area 51 you'll get a nice picture of the words #1 conspiracy generator. If you click the 'maps' link, at the top right, there is no map...

Yes, it's Friday afternoon and a very slow news day :)


I tried to find the Fork & Knife's birthplace ....

...a couple of months ago when I downloaded the application. She was born on a military base and we noticed that all military bases are kind of fogged out.


They got there just before Scully and Mulder and stole the map.

If you try Google's Keyhole 2 LT...'ll notice that the area around the White House is also messed up... I think they pretty much have to screw up all government installations...


This also happens when you search for a small town like Russell, KS. You can see it from pretty far up, but once you zoom in, they've got nothing. It's kind of disappointing. I wanted to see some greys today.


Nah - the aliens got 51 years ago.... and The Hill too, prob'ly.... (er, for those neither so old nor so steeped in early sci-fi, The Hill is a gov't installation in one of EE "Doc" Smith's Lensman books....)

Conspiracy Propaganda

Isn't it interesting how people jump to conclusions without learning the truth. Yep, Area 51 doesn't show up in the close-up views. Does that mean it's a conspiracy? Since we can't get any closer to where I grew up than we can at Area 51, does that mean it's a conspiracy as well?

The pictures are at least a year old. How do I know this? Simple, the property next to where I currently live shows a structure that hasn't existed for at least a year. Some conspiracy and privacy issues there I guess.


Seems Google has reduced the close-ups all round. Keyhole zooms in much closer everywhere than the quality on google maps, but when it was bought by Google Area 51 was still not zoomable.

You want to know about area 51, this guy has it

Here's how to get into area 51 on Google

I have not cross checked to ensure that it is not a wind up, but it looks kosher.

With zooms, doing it that way.

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