The Real Search Engine / SEM Dynamic?

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Google's War on SEO - Documented
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This image, and you'll have to click through to the full post to see it, was posted in a thread about Google's contraversial patent that has had the SEM community in uproar this last week. It comes right on the heels of allegations concerning Google poaching SEM clients and generally playing dirty with the SEM/SEO community.

It's a killer, thanks Mike!



My only question is: Where do I get that T-shirt? :)

I have a conference I need it for ....

not t-shirt quality

I just doodled that sucka out in Illustrator at the end of the day yesterday so I could send it over to fantom. I was hoping he'd make it one of his comics of the week LOL.

I'd have to make it a better quality if it was going to be put on a shirt. I guess if I get enough requests I could send it to print.


Why is the Googleguy pinning a Celtic cross on Alan Perkins back?


We've been marked.


The google rep is looking a bit malnourished :/

It's a little bit true

The internal sales staff at Google appear to have been told to target a list of Fortune 1000 clients and secure them directly if possible -- just get them on board somehow. It doesn't appear to be something specifically against SEMS, per se, but rather a poorly executed sales strategy with too many commissioned salespeople fighting over the same group.

They have channel conflict - not a new problem. Overture went through this exact thing a few years ago, and they cleaned up their internal channel conflict and restructured their sales teams to simultaneously support advertisers and SEMS. I've been very pleased with the outcome on that. I expect that Google will follow suit at some point.

I personally have caught a Google rep contacting one of our clients directly outside of our relationship, and it was quickly nipped in the bud. Honestly -- most clients who like working with agencies in general don't really want to talk to media reps. They pay us to keep them away! ;-)

That, and we give insane amounts of personal customer service, which keeps clients quite loyal.

I'm not worried about our clients, but I do agree with you that there's a concern about Google not understanding a fundamental "law" of advertising/media placement - respecting the agency relationship. If this happened in print or TV, you can bet heads would roll...

I Don't Think Google Will Change

" I expect that Google will follow suit at some point...Google not understanding a fundamental "law" of advertising/media placement - respecting the agency relationship. If this happened in print or TV, you can bet heads would roll..."

I don't see why you or anyone would think Google will follow anyone's suit. Take Autolinks for example: Microsoft got hammered years back for it, yet Google brings it back - and other Google nerds defends them. Now they pull this and you'll have Google nerds saying "darn rootin tootin right - all SEOs are scams anyway - anyone can do what they do..."

I don't think Google will change cause they already think themselves to be bigger than anything. They hide behind the guise of goodness & innocence, but they are a faceless evil corporation the likes of GM, Ford, and others.

I think Andy Beal wrote that if Google doesn't learn to work with the SEMs that the SEMs will just work with MSN. But is that really true? How much market change can SEMs really do - unless we all band together and put the word out that Google's results stinks and that it's better to work with Yahoo & MSN? You'd have to do some major convincing...I'm not so sure that's possible.

Still, I'm not worried about Google. Who is going to be more convincing - talking to a Google rep or a specialized marketing agency acct. rep? Who will companies work with? Whoever is more reachable. Unless Google can prove they are reachable - and they have not proven that to me - then no one of importance will want to work with them. Because, after all, the clients dont get a discount for working directly with Google, so personalized service is the big difference maker. And who does Google think the clients will hold accountability to? Google will have to directly answer to clients and clients can be VERY DEMANDING. Unless Google is prepared to deal with that and stop tossing clients aside like they do SEMs( so often the case to be), Google will face a bigger problem than they could possibly fathom.

I think Google is now run by business concerns and investors looking at numbers - pure numbers - and not looking at the big picture. The Google business people are seeing all the SEMs "optimizing" PPC campaigns (read: not buying every keyword Google recommends) and thinking the clients should be listening to Google and paying for everything (cause it's Google and they know their product and they know what they're doing..etc).

But, if spammers do enough business on Yahoo and MSN alone - then why worry about Google? If they get too abusive, leave them - screw them. Any marriage counselor will tell you, if the marriage is abusive, LEAVE. If Google doesnt see SEMs as a marriage with them or Google gets abusive - LEAVE. Plenty of fish in MSN & Yahoo and if the fish are good enough for spammers, they are good enough for me.

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