BT to roll out Bluephone - One phone to rule them all..

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BT to Launch Converged Bluetooth and GSM Mobile Phone
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According to ZDNet, BT, Britains largest fixed line carrier and general uber-telecom company, will finally roll out the fabled Bluephone and marry Bluetooth, GSM and fixed line telecoms in one fell swoop...

The idea is that when in range, you'll be able to call through your fixed line, just like any cordless, when out of range, the GSM will kick in.

Russell at the Mobile tech weblog brings up the issue of the 'passover'..

I'd guess that the call handover process won't be seamless - you'll have to hang up and re-dial. But actually, in this context, I don't see that as a major problem. It's obviously different if you're walking down a street and expect the handset to keep finding the best network GSM -->wi-fi -->GSM, as an example.

and goes on to point out that BT are also working on a WiFi phone...