Yagoohoo!gle - the best of both worlds?

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Google, Yahoo Merger Redux
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After the jolly jape of Y!/G merger for Apirl fools day, comes Yagoohoo!gle, which apart from being mildly amusing, and pleasent on the eye, unlike yours truly, is really smart...

It will lay out Google and Yahoo! results side by side, much like many such apps, but i really like the simplicity and it takes a well deserved place in the search tools bookmarks...


better without the ads.

Think of how nice this would look w/o the paid ads in there messing up the formatting.


I'm sure Butler or whatever-it-was can remove those ads for you, should the neat [want] arise ;)

I give it 2 more days...

...until Yahoo/Google lawyers have it shut down.

but what about

Is there not already precedent in the search world for third parties serving up search results? I am thinking, without checking, of hotbot or metacrawler. It is true that they may or are likely to have licensing agreements.

Besides, if they are using framing, there is also lots of precedent for that.

Anyways, both google and yahoo also present paid ads, so how can this be different?

Finally, in the spirit of the absurd, they could declare themselves voluntarily to be site scrapers, and say "get over it". :)

It might turn out to be a site scraper that people actually like.

Don't forget, in essence google is the worlds biggest combined site scraper/link directory financed by adwords. The distinction lies in whether the user chooses the direct link or the cached link.

In the end, yagoohoogle is a site scraper/link directory that limits itself to two targets.

If they want to be buzzword compliant this is portalised search.

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