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The actor and writer Wil Wheaton and DeveloperShed are teaming up to launch igrep, the first (and only) vertical niche search engine designed specifically for developers. The search engine is powered from DeveloperShed's vast array of 5,087,218 technology-related documents, including FAQs. Since igrep indexes only content, it can provide developers with much more relevant content than other search engines.

The have the obligatory toolbar for both IE and Firefox with the Firefox version being OS independent so it works on Linux. Buying your way on to the site is also available with 10 text ads down the right hand side.

The site is at www.igrep.com



seems to have no focus on relevancy, is slow, and the results I checked out required sideaways scrolling. they probably should have tested it a bit before launch.


The green headed monster makes me ask ".. and he is uniquely qualified because ...?"


".. and he is uniquely qualified because ...?"

Seems like Wheaton is doing the online equivalent of a mall/supermarket opening ceremony.


If it only searches developershed doesnt that make it a developershed site search not a search engine? how is this different to searching any other developer site other than they have a toolbar? Do they index other sites (not hard, just read their RSS). Hardly suprising they only search content - that is all they have access to if they are not spidering!


the first (and only) vertical niche search engine designed specifically for developers

Not quite. Try Koders:


It is a source code search engine for developers - I find it useful.

thanks :)

encyclo, i have been looking for a tool like that literally for years, thanks a lot :)

(too bad it's only code from open source projects and not source code from published web pages as well, but it is really useful anyway)

Never saw Koders before

Good one encyclo. I took the "(and only)" from their website - been in NY so much that I'm becoming gullible.

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