Google Redirects All Traffic To HTTPS, Driving [not provided] To 100%.


My buddy Ryan Jones recently tipped me off that Google seems to now be redirecting all traffic to the HTTPs version of their site. What does this mean? It means that keyword data found in Google Analytics is now going to be 100% [not provided]. 

I warned SEOs when they first started with the HTTPS keyword encryption that this would one day happen, and many thought I was just overreacting. Now lets see whos over reacting when they can't run a valid analysis.

Please go and run your own test and let us know in the comments what you are seeing.



NotProvided Count confirms. And I'm seeing the same thing in my clients analytics.


Looks like the changeover happened early morning EST

Our site went from 84% not

Our site went from 84% not provided yesterday to 93% (so far) for today. I'm betting most of the 7% for today came before the changeover.

Big jump coming from IE

The browser is defaulting to HTTPS when searching from address bar:

even when I type in

even when I type in into a browser, I'm getting a redirect.  a 302 redirect, comically.  Hopefully it IS only temporary. 


Google confirms: PRISM and NSA  related.  Truth? or convienent scapegoat?


The NSA has built in backdoors for Google data. They don't care for that.

Danny being Danny

Can't criticize Google to hard. Matt might not play racket ball with him on friday.


We all know it is adwords related and yet another attack on SEO. We compete pretty hard with adwords why give us the bullets?

Danny is so funny

He has stated possible reasons but doesn't mention one of the most obvious.

To stop providing ammunition to the biggest competitors of their adwords program, us SEO's. Why else leave it open to advertisers?


More details posted by Bill Hartzer early today


Wow, I knew this day was coming at some point, but I really didn’t expect that this change would happen this soon. Google no longer is passing keyword referral data through to websites. Google just made a huge change: if you search at Google, it appears that all searches (even from are now secure, https searches. For all users. Even those who are not logged in.

What does this mean? Website owners will no longer receive keyword referral data from Google (organic search). We will not know what someone searched for in order to find our website. Website owners will no longer be able to target certain keywords because we will not know what someone searched for and then converted.

keyword not provided

"According to Not Provided Count, the “not provided” count is estimated at going up to 100 percent in December 2013. However, since this change, I suspect that Google “not provided” keyword data is going to be 100 percent within a few days, not weeks.

Here is how Google is doing this."

Not provided data shows a big question for SEO industries

Not provided data shows a big question for SEO industries ! Worries for Client work, how they will show the keyword performnace through organic graph, its  might be look for keyword ranking repport for it, Yes increaseing grapgh can show the improvement but it may come fron other way also....

1. Why is everyone freaking

1. Why is everyone freaking on this?

2. This has stated before and it has been coming for a long time now. Try another analytics company it only costs like 10K a month, LOL.

3. Google will start officially charging for certain parts of GA data is my predition....oh they already do that and it is not just in G Adwords.

4. Where do we go from here SEO folks? I think it is the e-commerce folks freaking the most...keyword to conversion issues. You can still get data in GWT, but it sucks.

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