Page One or...oblivion...?

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Article looking at CTRs on mobile devices.  Essentially, the point here is if you're on page one, enjoy it, but if you're not, things get dicey for ya...

Interesting step forward, though, is when engines start infinite scrolling in mobie results, what's "page one" then?  Don't think this was considered, and with an engine understanding the device, its easy to swap to infinite scroll on demand.  I applaud the effort here, but remain skeptical.  I suspect the data is skewed, though the intent is solid.


to-may-to, to-mat-to

I think the salient point is valid, regardless of how pages are measured.  In mobile, the top few results rule the roost.  And while this is the case for desktop devices too, people are demonstrably less willing to dig deeper (or to refine queries) on mobile devices.


While I think infinite scrolling might mediate this a bit, I think that appearing on the first screen of a mobile device will continue to be critical, regardless of whether access to subsequent screens is by swiping or tapping.

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