Ooops! Google Nuke's Australia

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Google dump a 2nd level domain
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It seems that in the wee small hours (GMT) of April 1st 2005 Google nuked Australia from the face of the planet, or at least the Google datacentres. 1st reports of there being no sites within Google started to appear at about 4am GMT...

There was no according to Google let alone any and every business, personal site, informational resource or hobbyist site that lived under the namespace.

Google reps started to repond and acknowledge the problem at about 7:30 GMT and the problem soon got resolved but it is kind of scary that a whole country's official domain name space can get lost.

I think the probable reason why this got dumped is the same reason that DaveN wrote about Google and Subdomains and No more Avon

The engineers work at deleting 2nd level domains from the SERPs.

Google, sometimes 2nd level domains are legit and just because an engineer may not be worldy wise enough to know about the namespace doesn't mean it should be added to a spam list!

It's worse still when it's done on April 1st and it isn't a joke!

Comments DC up?

..could be that they just implemented a new huge datacenter for that region - in that respect four hours downtime is darn quick.

Tried nslookup, tracert or dig recently?


It was a worldwide issue and not restricted to Australasia.

All G DCs showed did not exist!

Google Nuke's Australia

Good call imho ;)

Nice One Mate

I realise the push of talent from the colonies is undermining the UK companies... guess us Aussies just do it!



Google Nuke's Australia
Good call imho ;)

LMAO. That's a touch harsh NFCC, though it would mean England might stand a chance of winning The Ashes


I saw the reports in SEW, but couldn't figure if it was an April Fool's or not.

I mean, losing almost an entire continent...whoops indeed.

Dup Issue

I believe the algo simply decided that the was the most important thing about most of those sites, which are mainly below the radar anyway, and since they all shared the same basic characteristic, well ... boom! Dup filter kicked in.

subdomains = spam?

...looks like someone's spamming with subdomains BIG TIME here...


Hehehe - cute.

I'd make a comment

but I'm off to throw some "snarlers" on the barbie. RALMAO.


that is hilarious. Thanks.


That was pretty funny all right! I just hope our Oz friends didn't lose a lot of money over the whole fiasco....

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