So THERE IS a (small) chance nofollow links hurt site rankings


In yet another glorious video Matt Cutts speaks about nofollow (and the affect on rankings) and you could expect a direct and straightforward answer "no affect"... Right?


There's no way we could get a straightforward answer even to such an easy question :) Matt says nofollow links could result in a manual penalty if you do too many of them...

In other words, if your site got hit by a manual penalty, don't discount nofollow links as a possible reason of it... Nor get surprised if your sample link is nofollow...




This is getting out of control!  Maybe Cutts/Google should just stop talking all together because now it is getting to the point of “crazy making”.  First they started talking to help webmasters, then now to help themselves with their deficient algorithm.  Now they say to use a tool, but don’t use it in certain manners that can affect your site.  What manners are those?  Well it is never defined, just insinuated.  Just plain dumb.

That is the straw that breaks

That is the straw that breaks the camel's back. Speechless...

I wonder how he would respond

I wonder how he would respond to is it dark at night? I can already hear the explanation in my head. For most people, yes, it is dark at night, but for a very few people it can actually be light out at night. To help us determine if you should be using a flashlight outside we take a look at your IP address and then try to place you geographically.................

I am so glad our clients finally get it and no longer pay any attention at all to Google. 

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