Ding Dong PageRank Is Dead! Or is it?


Barry Schwartz points out that PageRank hasn't been updated in about 6 months. When Barry pressed Google for a responce to when the metric would be updated, they gave him no comment. 

Internet Explorer is the last browser to still have a PageRank display offered by Google, but the data that flows into that display hasn’t been updated for over six months. When asked when the next update would come, Google had no comment.

Is Barry right? Is PageRank really dead for now? Many SEOs have long speculated that there are two types of PageRank, "Public PageRank" and "Private PageRank". It is my thought that Public PageRank is in fact dead. Maybe it might have been dead for awhile actually. What are your thoughts??


It's been dead for like 5 years

I had to laugh in a webinar yesterday where they were talking about toolbar PR as if it's something even worth looking at (updated or not).

If it is dead, then it should be buried. ...

It is still possible to find the Toolbar Pagerank via other web page tools, so it's still available to fuel all that mostly spammy active of buying and selling links.  Google should destroy the API that allows you to find out the Pagerank of a web page.  Ideally they should also very publicly nail down the corpse too and stop using this failed mechanism.  Matt Cutts and his merry women can never hope to stop the tide of spammy links.  It's time to switch to Plan B, Google.  Please smell the coffee.


Here's some journalism on the topic: http://www.wired.com/magazine/2010/02/ff_google_algorithm/all/1 - that article puts the end date of Backrub (the PR-based algo) way back in 2001. In other words Toolbar PR was dead on arrival. It never had any significance.

If it isn't dead, it should be...

I noticed something a couple of weeks ago that seems to support the idea that TBPR is history... There was a time when a brand new page would show as "Unranked", but as soon as it got indexed, it would jump to PR0. I recently put up a couple of new sites and watched them closely through the indexing process and noticed that they never upgraded to PR0. I suspect that the tools that show the bar are simply being told the same value that has existed since last Nov. About time for it to be retired, but I think leaving it out there, without announcing its demise, is just prolonging the problem it created in the first place.

And as Jill said, it's laughable that something that was never a reliable metric from day one gets so much misguided attention.

>What are your

>What are your thoughts??<

From day one I never believed Page Rank was the holy grail of search relevancy. From the beginning it seemed to me only slightly, (VERY slightly), better than basing relevancy on the keywords in meta tags. All that democratic nature of the web stuff sounded like bullshit to me. I knew links could be bought, sold, traded, extorted, hacked and web ringed fom day one. I never thought their PRTB made google better. I always thought it was their brialliant public relations promoting it that got them the kind of data to make a search engine more relevant. I dont remember now where I read it but over a decade ago I remember reading something from Sergey Brin where he himself stated that the key to relevancy was in having the data to compare. Their public relations and the smart way they networked hundreds of cheap computers was what got them that data.

That said, Im grateful for the PRTB. It made me, (and a great many others), a lot of money.

So what are my thoughts on PR now?


who cares.   

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