School Bans Blogging

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High school bans blogging
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While the story cites privacy concerns, here's what the principal had to say:

Officials at Proctor Jr.-Sr. High School have banned access from school computers to an Internet site that students have been using to post to weblogs, or blogs.

Principal Chris Sousa said the decision to block the site from school was made because blogging is not an educational use of school computers.

I guess nobody told him there are people who can make a living blogging. How about instead of cutting off access, they put a positive spin on it and teach kids about safe computer practices.


Positive spin

There are very few things you cant turn to your advantage - i do wish people would learn that...

and the links...

Thought I would add a link to the article:
and to the School in case anyone would like to write - I bloody have.


Thanks ET!

The url was there, but not the title of the source, so it' doesnt come up - i'll try and work on the logic there at the weekend so if people forget the title, it comes up as 'link to source' or something...

Making A Living

You can make a living doing all sorts of things. Some of them, like blogging, you don't need to be educated for, or not very much. Schools should stick to the educational side of the internet, assuming there is much of one, and the kids can blog away in their own time.

They didn't ban "blogging"...

...they banned access to, which is generally used more as a pick-up joint than a blogging platform anyhow.

I think it was on boingboing that I read the principal in question's very irate 'formmail' response he's been sending out to all the irate bloggers who've been emailing him about it.

One of those "one person jumped to conclusions, and everyone else followed" situations, apparently.

Personally, if I were running a school network, I wouldn't let the students have on-campus access to sites/networks like myspace or orkut. They're a waste of time in the most part, and I ought to know... I waste HOURS of time in the office that way. hehe

< aside class="ironic" >
*laugh* ...everyone warns me about rounding up a lynch mob over in the "Nobody is safe from plagarism" thread, while merrily mail-bombing a high school for a perfectly sensible policy that just wasn't properly explained. ;-)
< /aside >

Here it is...

...the first paragraph of the principal's cut&paste email, from boingboing:
"Apparently misquoting does not happen outside of Vermont otherwise I would presume that all the wonderful folks who know best would have asked the question, "did you really ban blogging, and say that it was not educational?". We did block the website "" and if you have been on it you may know why. I do not wish to explain all the details however it suffices to say that it was not enriching our students education, nor was it being used in any educational venue. We have not banned blogging and I myself have personal experience in using blogging in the classroom."


Thanks mivox. [But - considering he's a principal, which presupposes a Master's at the very least, he could have used the possessive where it belonged ("students" should = "students' "). *sigh*] What I'm wondering is why this sort of thing was accessible to begin with.... Seems as if someone should have been paying more attention sooner.


Not to mention a comma or two, a cap, possibly a semi-colon, and , well, just better damned writing.


Heh - jimbeetle, I stopped with the most obvious.... guy's writing reminds me of the "Utah phds" who teach and admin the schools in Vegas.

Um. Nev'mind. Not going there tonight.

Well, I'm just going to bite my tongue here, before I go getting all political about the US public education system... ;-)


I thought twice about mentioning this mivox, but seeing as we're in it.... i only heard just yesterday that in 1999 Kansas struck the theory of evolution off of the curriculum...

US edu is WEIRD with a capital WEIRD


You may say that again, Nick.

As a representative of Kansas...

I would like to say that the majority of people in Kansas do not think evolution should be removed from textbooks. It was a few whacked individuals who did that. The rest of us don't claim them.

There are very few things you can't turn to your advantage.

I actually wrote that down and stuck to my monitor to inspire me.


Bah, probably should be struck, as there are so few people qualified to teach it. Why are they called missing links? Because they're MISSING! Anyway, they can teach Abrupt Appearance as scientific fact yet refuse to do so because it might be construed as aiding creationists.

Personally, I don't want my kids blogging at school, they can do that from home, after they finish their homework, which they'll have less of, if they aren't blogging from school...


in 1999 Kansas struck the theory of evolution off of the curriculum...

Well, it IS only a theory you know. Can't be filling the kids' heads up with unproven godless balderdash like that!

Theories Are Evil

C'mon Mivox, you know that. Theories lead to investigation, hypothesis, conclusions and all sorts of other mischief. Unfortunately, the Evolutionists are partly to blame, they've been just as guilty of neglecting science to seize media attention as the Creationists have been.

Long live the Platypus, wank off Darwin. Poor scientists, with such an expressive language like Greek, can only come up with "flat-footed" upon viewing the wondrous platypus.

myspace arrest

so this may be a little off topic, but i just had to bring up the spim case myspace won last month - first guy sent to jail for spim - gotta love it. This guy was really obnoxious too.

read about it here

Re: Theories are Evil

Oh, yeah.


I'll go do something for penance.

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