Google Is Starting To Creep Me Out Big Time!


If you haven't heard of Google Now yet, you really should take a look at it....a serious look at it....This mobile app/platform tracks your movements and activities to act as a personal assistant of sorts through out the day. So for example if every day you take the same route to work, Google Now can give you a weather report for that route automatically. Sounds neat right? Yes, if you are willing to hand over your location data, personal habits, and daily routine to the worlds largest advertising platform.....yes that's real neat! And now as Barry Schwartz points out, Google Now can now show your boss your exact location. 

The most interesting to me is that it integrates with Google+ Locations and let's you see when your employees or co-workers get to work, leave work, get home and so forth. It can also notify you when your kids leave school or get to school.

If you ask me, this is all just way to much. I mean seriously when are we going to draw the line on our personal privacy just so we can have a fun gadget????


defo too much, but a little bit intriguing

I've been using it since just after it launched, I only meant to use it for a short while then delete/remove/cleanse/scrub/wash my account of the gathered data (did someone just say good luck?). Problem is I'm intrigued about what it's going to start suggesting to me next. I'm currently in the fortunate position that there's not a lot of damage that can be done from someone else misinterpreting my whereabouts whenabouts type data, I'm also usually very cynical about new polished bells and whistles projects from G, FB and A. So I agree that it's a step too far, but then how many times have we all said that in the past and then went on to find something useful, they do need to add more control, an easy to use dashboard and possibly even reports about who has access/seen something about you. Then again, if it's telling you who has been looking you up, there's another question about privacy. Anyway, my phone's just told me that I've not attended a lavatory in 5 hours and that I should consider this in the interest of maintaining generic health standards.

On the up-side...

They say every cloud has a silver lining... one would hope that it would be intelligent enough to inform me of an opportunity I might want to avail myself of, BEFORE I pass up a pub. ;-) Oh, the anguish!

As Pogo might say...

"We has met Big Brother and he is us"

Supposedly, this is opt-in, but I have to wonder, do you opt-in for only one share - your current location? It looks as though you can allow another individual to see your location from then on... so one has to wonder how long it'll be before a suit is brought against an employer for mandating that employees opt in to allow them to monitor their movements.Another concern, even greater:

Anything can be hacked... if Susan B. Gorgeous allows her boyfriend to track her movements, will some predator be able to crack into it, e-stalk her and learn her home address?(I wonder how many of you are old enough to get the Pogo reference.)

google used to be a very good steward of very private data...

A little bit ago, I read about "don't expect privacy when sending gmail" ... eek

however, I guess this that's the price of free...

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