Google reconsideration requests form gone missing


Google has a webmaster support section here  all about filing a reconsideration request.

The “Request reconsideration of your site” section used to link to the google request reconsideration form but no longer exits.

You are now redirected to a drop down of all the sites you have in webmaster tools which then directly links to the new manual actions option which we discussed here

 Dave Naylor also spotted here too 

I’ve seen a few people asking about hacked/compromised sites or banned sites wanting to file a reconsideration request but can’t find the form.

So have we lost the form forever? 



No, it is now in the manual

No, it is now in the manual actions instead.

Agreed but many google help

Agreed but many google help pages are really out of date.

Take a hacked site you can't file until google have detected it. You now will have to fix the problem wait for google to find it then file vs letting them know you have fix say a sql injection etc..

Seems to be the same with banned sites so I hear.

Gabs, if the site has a

Gabs, if the site has a manual action on it, it should be in there, right?

So, the problem is either that Google don't disclose all manual actions taken, or that people try to send reconsideration requests that are pointless, or am I missing something here? :)

Aaron I agree I'd do the same

Aaron I agree I'd do the same as google as I'm sure it's been overrun with requests that are algo related vs manual.

With things like hacked sites which many of us have had to deal with one time or another you could get to google in a proactive way. Now its a reactive way only.

I had case a few years back when 2 sites got hit by a server side sql injection. I fixed both but google one showed "this site may harm your computer" and other didn't but was able to file both sites before the 2nd site ever showed "this site may harm your computer" - proactive..

Ah, of course. You've got a

Ah, of course. You've got a point there.

Still, Google should be able to solve that by working on the "lag" they have in the Webmaster Tools. On the other hand, I'm guessing that isn't something that can be fixed in an afternoon. :)

Reconsideration Gone Again!

My site was listed as "May be compromised."  Yet there was nothing on Google Webmaster Tools: "No manual webspam actions found."  So I have no access to the Reconsideration form.  Now what?

It's a different form I

Already checked there:

Already checked there: "Google has not detected any malware on this site."  As a result, no form.

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