Google add "Manual Actions" to webmaster tools


Google have just added “manual actions” to the navigation in webmaster tools.

I can’t tell yet what it will show other than warning and maybe the awaited examples of problems e.g. bad link examples or problematic pages/structure

It really looks like google is opening up a lot more to webmaster which I think is great news. 

More info from google here



Collecting some feedback from users:


Sounds like Google isn't that well ready to go more transparent with their link records...

weird indeed

Apparently the have taken it down, citing bugs ... . They're saying that it is going to be back up in a couple days but I guess lets see. This would not be the first time that google giveth and taketh away features from GWMT...


Manual actions returned & working now

Barry Schwartz reports that the bugs are apparently worked out and its up now:

Ah, Google.



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