Google bloggers - after Mark Jen, we have Joe Beda

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Following a Slashdot link I got to Joe Beda's blog

I'm a software developer living in Seattle and working for Google. I can't really talk about *what* I'm working on at Google quite yet. I used to work at Microsoft on Avalon, Longhorn and IE.

He goes on to give an insight into the 20%"own choice" project time that Google engineers have.

At Google it is actively encouraged for engineers to do a 20% project. This isn't a matter of doing something in your spare time, but more of actively making time for it. Heck, I don't have a good 20% project yet and I need one. If I don't come up with something I'm sure it could negatively impact my review.

And the lad is looking over his shoulder.

I'd like to stress that these comments are my own and aren't any sort of official word from Google. Please don't draw any grand conclusions of corporate strategy and such.

Good luck with the new job, Joe.



...and LOL again.

Everyone (here) still remembers MJ. I voted "fame" and I guess: rightly so. Are these Google employee bloggers exploring the border of what can and can't be blogged...?


I'd imagine [or at least hope] that since the Mark Jen fiasco, Google have established what is permissable in terms of employee blogs, and that employees too are more cautious - maybe we'll see Joe stick around for a while, but being GoogleCagey, in the now de facto manner.


I think it was wibble who pointed out a thread wmw had on the homepage a day or two ago that we had covered here over a month ago...

We're not always the first, but i think between us all we manage to be pretty quick :)

Joe Beta?

Maybe Google just wants to let people know they aren't anti-blogger? Blogging about the industry you're working in, without exposing proprietary information and concepts can be tough. How long can he write without getting weary of watching over his shoulder while constantly examining his writings to make sure he doesn't violate any contract stiplations? My guess is, not too long.

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