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Page Layout & Eye Movement
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Forum admin JohnScott at V7N points out a facinating study on page layout and design and the way people read.

There's an enormous amount to be learned from this study but Poynter Institute who are responsible for the Eyetrack 3 research do point out that Eyetrack is not a solution:

Fundamentally, however, the Eyetrack results are just one more tool to help journalists do their jobs better.

Here are a couple of choice quotes to whet you appetite:

While testing our participants' eye movements across several news homepage designs, Eyetrack III researchers noticed a common pattern: The eyes most often fixated first in the upper left of the page, then hovered in that area before going left to right. Only after perusing the top portion of the page for some time did their eyes explore further down the page.

Dominant headlines most often draw the eye first upon entering the page -- especially when they are in the upper left, and most often (but not always) when in the upper right. Photographs, contrary to what you might expect (and contrary to findings of 1990 Poynter eyetracking research on print newspapers), aren't typically the entry point to a homepage. Text rules on the PC screen -- both in order viewed and in overall time spent looking at it.

emphasis mine.

There's a wealth of useful and facinating data here, make some coffee, set aside a good hour and go read it...


Where in V7?

Could it be this was pointed out to you in Cre8asite? By me?

Was it?

I dont recall?

I first saw this on this v7n thread - I read a *lot* of threads, dont manage to catch everything McFox heh..

Nope, John was first

Nope, you're right, John had it up in a thread first.

I did look for one about Eyetrack to include here but couldn't find one, and didn't begin one myself.

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