Magazine Industry getting Desperate

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Magazines take desperation to the next level
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Jason points me to this wonderful discovery at Jaffe, sporting this natty advertisement from publishing big dog Condè Nast

As Jason points out, the magazine industry are running scared, and clearly in denial of the fact that consumers can find magazine style info and articles, quicker, and for free...

Poor Conde Nast has recently begun running a series of advertisements, "convincing" people why they should keep shelling out for paper magazines, despite better content being delivered in a better way consistently for free on the internet anymore.

Funny ad...


Better content?

Sure, Internet content is free but it's usually rushed, poorly edited and very poorly researched.

Magazine content is in my opinion actually better. Whether it's worth shelling out several pounds for a magazine that only contains one or two articles of interest, now that's a different matter...


if it's free, they will read

this really did make me laugh. I wonder how Conde Nast will do when they finally make the switch to a purely advertising revenue model and give their magazines away for free.

really, in defense of print magazines....'s hard to start a fire in the fireplace with websites.

it'll all change when

e-paper arrives. or whatever they end up calling it. i imagine micropayments of some sort will be finalized by then too... anyone remember 'minority report' the movie? tom cruise on the subway (train?) reading the 'newspaper' and the headline and photo changes as he's sitting there... the future future is coming.

personally, the robot looks like a trash bot so the human can throw away his print mag. ;)

another interesting thought is what's gonna happen when books start allowing comments? some do now, but with e-paper, they're gonna become more prominent, imho.

people will say, 'i was there for the birth of so-and-so's book...' and watch the 'book' evolve on their 'reader'...


I was just going to post where you could take your magazines with you but then..... a laptop with wireless


One place I'll take a magazine where I won't take my laptop is in the bathtub. Wouldn't want to get bubbles on the keys!

Conde Nast isn't a magazine

it's a lifestyle comment: Conde Nast, Horse and Hound, The Lady, Johansens. Required coffee table fodder for people of a certain mindset irrespective of whether or not they actually read them.

I'm not sure that the online issue is the biggest problem for many mags loosing circulation, in fact it may be helping them retain readers, there's a big rise in mens mags and men are still the largest internet users, and look at the success of things like Take a Break.

Personally I haven't brought a regular weekly mag since Twinkle but people still need things to read on trains, at the hairdresser and to stop the tedium of an afternoon at the inlaws so until someone cracks the 'feel of a book' pda (at which point the weekly mags can move to a downloadable format for the same price) then I think the paper issues are quite safe, they just need to stop blaming the internet and consider traditional reasons why their markets may be declining as well.

PDF distribution

Gurtie, your comment reminded me about a thing - actually around three years ago i subscribed to a trade magazine that was only published as PDF sent by email to subscribers. Of course they had a web site too, but the PDF had longer, more feature-like stories. It worked - actually it was pretty nice as you could print it out and bring it with you on the commute.

I think you can still do that but it was ridiculously expensive and my employer paid back then :-)


Magazine Publishers of America have a flash presentation bigging up the humble mag which is kinda funny...

where's the affiliate id?

mackin i didn't see your aff id in that link ;)

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