Twitter fakes real users’ tweets to promote ad platform

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It’s now been removed but twitter added tweets to “real” twitter accounts for a promo ad of how good the company integrates with TV ads. 

SFgate posted:

The tweets look completely real, but SFGate discovered that while the Twitter users who are featured are real, their tweets are not. The users featured raving about TV commercials never said anything of the kind, and were unaware their profile pics and accounts were being presented in a post on Twitter’s blog sent out to hundreds of thousands via the @Twitterads Twitter account and retweeted to more than 1.5 million.

The users were not pleased when they saw these bogus tweets attributed to them for the first time – after the post went up.

Read the full story here:


Social Networks will send messages as though they're you.

Facebook got sued over something very similar >> Facebook Sponsored Stories Implied Endorsements Going WAY Too Far WIthout that suit we probably would have been seeing much more of this behavior sooner.


Back in May, 2011 I wrote about my concern over the new wording of the Facebook and Twitter permissions. At that time I wrote:

"...these permissions give other companies, Web sites, and individuals permission to post “status messages, notes, photos and videos” to  your wall on Facebook or “Post Tweets on Your Behalf” (the exact wording on Twitter’s news permissions) to your followers on Twitter."

I knew it would only be a matter of time before tweets and shares that appeared to be written by users would appear in our streams that were actually sent by the social network - probably for businesses that paid to have them sent. See

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