What lesson Penguin / Google penalty SHOULD teach a marketer

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There's a perfect "winning the web back" story I came across this morning thanks to this tweet from @sbrattin. The beginning sounds very familiar: They built a site, got high rankings and enjoyed the glory.... 88.37% of their traffic came from Google

Then the penalty happened and they lost 76.38% of Google traffic which left them thinking if they needed to close the company...

The way the penalty was handles was something to admire:

This unfortunate setback taught me a valuable lesson: relying so much on organic Google rankings was putting us entirely at the whims of something out of our control. We repaired a fraction of the damage to our ranking by removing the problematic links, but we knew we couldn’t rely on Google to always rank us number one for all of our keywords. Sooner or later, someone would outrank us.

Our only option was to focus on other areas: specifically, reaching higher conversion rates and diversifying our marketing.


Additionally, we amped up loyalty marketing by implementing personalized follow-up calls and e-mails for all of our clients based on the ideal time for them to reorder. To drive up word of mouth and referrals, we placed more emphasis on ensuring the impeccable quality of our products

Talk about seeing a bigger picture instead of getting lost!

I appload to this case study and I hate to say this but this is one of those examples when Google actually made the web a bit better by using the penalty against people who got it...



Nothing converts immediately like search...but....

Nothing converts like search traffic for new immediate sales. That is why companies are so addicted to it. But they need to get over it while they still have income and learn what this company did.

THIS is what EVERY company needs to be doing:

1) Increase loyalty of existing buyers

2) Learn to grow your list and become exceptional at using it.

3) Develop other channels online and off.

4) Improve site usability and increase conversions.

Thanks for sharing this, Ann. Sent to several people who need to see this.

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