Does Google favor sites they fund through Google Ventures?


About a month ago Jacob King wrote an interesting post on his blog about how ranks so well in the search results. So what, right? Well what Jacob points out is is backed in part by Google Ventures. In other words, Google owns a portion of the company.

Now I’m not an investment advisor but as an SEO advisor I can say that RetailMeNot should be safe from any algo updates with Google literally in their back pocket. Marinate on that.

I think Jacob raises a lot of valid concerns, even if there isn't an actual connection to the rankings and Google Ventures. However, I did notice that another one of Google Ventures' companies is Blue Bottle Coffee. Can you guess who designed their new site, including all HTML? Google thats who. Seems to me if you want a site that is going to rank well in the search engines, the search engines themselves might be the best folks to build it.

What are your thoughts?


Well I have just tried to

Well I have just tried to search keywords like "6pm coupons", "kohls coupons", "sears coupons" and some others, and is always at the top of the page.. 

I'm not sure if I should be skeptical about these results but has been there like more than five years, we all know that it's the only source of other coupon code sites and those who are in need of reliable coupon codes. I mean, the situation is like if you cannot find it on, you are less likely to find it on somewhere else.. The site meets almost all the criterias Google want..

As the reuslt it seems quite natural to me..

I agree....

but I think the issue still needs attention. No one is talking about the rankings of the Google Ventures companies. Not even a statement from Google.

I agree that there should

I agree that there should likely be some sort of oversight. But looking at something simple such as bella donovan coffee doesn't even have blur bottle above the fold out here. So they can't be doing a 'great' job.

Recieved Investment Prospectus

Hey Joe, thanks for sharing this dude!

I saw the traffic last night and it inspired to me to put up some financial data from their investment prospectus.

Traffic, revenue, net income, and a few other tidbits are at the end of the post now.

Let me know what you think of the numbers,


I am just waiting for Google to move into the SEO space.

So many SEO's out there towing the Google line even in the face of so much irregularity in the search results these days. I am not talking about updates either I talking things like knowledge graph etc, which are making Google a destination and not just the arbiter of traffic.

A lot of the high level SEO guru's that seem pleased with google's current direction will still be pleased, if/when Google feels that SEO is a good business to get into.

Google Has Penalized themselves

Rember, Google has penalized themselves before, right on Google Chrome used AdVertorials a while back and the PageRank was manually penalized.

If is doing something against the guidelines, they could get penalized, too.

The google will penalize the

The google will penalize the websites that cross the guidelines of it. I am maintaining a website by following the guidelines .

Google selling SEO services?!

Could Google really get involved in the SEO industry selling services in this way when they hold all the cards in the rulebook? Seems unlikely. I'd image there are plenty of legal systems in place preventing it from happening otherwise surely they'd already be in there! 

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