Google Refuses To Deindex Pirate Sites, But Will Deindex Yours With Out Any Notice


I will admit that I have a certain soft spot in my heart for digital pirates. Yes, what many pirates do is against many existing US copyright laws, however, I often view them as pioneers of the information age that refuse to be constraind by corporate support of the status que. So I was a happy to read that Google is refusing to deindex sites from their results on the sole basis that they are "pirate" sites.

The copyright industry and Google continues to quibble about online piracy, both in public and behind closed doors. Copyright holders want Google to remove pirate websites from its search results but Google’s Eric Schmidt says this is not going to happen. Schmidt stresses that his company is making changes to reduce piracy, but that policing the web and deleting websites goes against Google’s philosophy.

Pretty cool huh? But, lets try to forget that Google is siding with digital pioneers and remind ourselves that Google is willing to play hard in the face of public dialog when it comes to supporting a free and open exchange of information. But at the same time they are quitely deindexing thousands of sites each month that violate their ambigious quality guidelines. Double standards much?


"but that policing the web

"but that policing the web and deleting websites goes against Google’s philosophy."

Absolutely hilarious.  Does the right hand knows what the left is doing in this company?

Short answer? Yes, they do

Short answer? Yes, they do know. They just don't care since the various factions within Google seem to have wildly different personal goals. It has been interesting, and sad, to see the way Google has decided to address the shortcoming in their own algorithms and how much collateral damage they are willing to accept as a part of that. 


I suspect...

that their main reason for resisting is that they know that being cast as the internet cop for legal issues is a never-ending slippery slope. Can't say I blame 'em for shying away from that trap.


Google has to do enough policing to preserve the myth. ...

Google still believe its PageRank approach gives their search a competitive advantage ... or at least they do enough talking about it to keep the myth going.  A huge burden they accept in doing that, is that they have to employ Matt Cutts and his team to be seen to be slaying fictitious dragons all the time.

DMCA data

Well they may not going after them directly but they go after them indirectly:

The Pirate Update: Google Will Penalize Sites Repeatedly Accused think the strategy of leveraging the DMCA data to penalize sites is the right path.

Well, you know, Google cares

Well, you know, Google cares about it's users and a good percentage of them want pirate material so... Also, Google does not own the internet and if good pirate sites were deindexed people would still find them. Napster was not a website as such but word got around about what it was and what it could do and people sought it out. 

That and they don't do a too great job of policing web spam and pirates are a clever bunch. With distributed systems and forums and all sorts how would they combat it? So maybe it's a fight they don't want and they know that and cop out behind the 'philosophy' line. 

Really, the whole piracy thing is blown out of proportion and most pirated material would never be legitimately bought. Just because I know someone who downloads and stores bloody everything, it's almost his hobby and I doubt he watches a lot of it. But he would never buy these things so it's a broken argument.

The film / music people just want to get together and make it easier to view / listen to what you want when you want and piracy would die amongst the folks who can legitimately afford to buy it anyhow. Since Spotify, I rarely use anything else but the video on demand systems leave a lot to be desired. 

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