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What's the majority of your spam email about, and what keywords dominate the blog spam you have to delete everyday? Whatever pays the most of course, and those lucrative categories such as poker and porn are already getting well and truly stuck into the mobile market...

Poker and Porn Move into Mobile

ITNews are reporting that Swedish Poker giant have today become the worlds first company to launch full on interactive Poker games for mobile.

From April 2005, players will be able to hone their poker skills over their mobiles playing real people at either 'play money' or 'real money' versions.
The fifth largest poker site in the world has been developing the mobile gaming technology over the last six months. Juniper Research has recently predicted worldwide mobile gaming revenues to increase six-fold by 2009, rising from 2004's US$3.1bn (GBP1.62bn) to US$18.5bn (GBP9.65bn).

Porn and poker have long driven all manner of innovation in design and business not only online (far, far from it) but in all manner of media. If Poker is moving into mobile, it really can't be that long untill the rest of us follow the money...

Mobile still worries me. As i've said before i just don't feel i have the knowledge or skillset to deal with the inevitable overtaking of desktop internet by the mobile web, but im watching, and learning....


Mobile marketing

Dont be marketing will still be advertisers trying to reach you, but the way they do it will be different. Permission must be granted. You just can't spam every cellphone with your message. You will have to be creative and offer something to the consumer to initiate the dialog.

The size of the screen, cost of a SMS text, battery life, speed of your connection have to be considered in order to determine an effective campaign...oh and also relevance.

Effective mobile marketing campaigns will be ones that the USER seeks info about, not advertisers pushing the info to you. Brands will have to more creative in their advertising.

Think of the initial contact as a free prize, more minutes, a chance to win...OR alerts (People Mag has a SMS alert for celebrity alert news).
The advertiser has to give up SOMETHING in order to gain access to that 2x2 screen.

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