The BBC's Plans for Downloadable Content

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BBC Sees Potential in Downloads
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Coming on the heels of UK Channel 5's announcement, more details of the BBC's plans to make it's programs downloadable emerge in this report by B&C

The report states that later in the year the BBC will make the last seven days of programming available for download but that a price, or business model for this service has not been finalized.

The project, called IMP, for Interactive Media Player, makes downloading possible via online broadband connection. Plus, users can program it to record future programs automatically.

“We've heard from a number of commercial broadcasters in the UK and Europe that they are keen on unlocking new revenue streams from content already broadcast,” says John Pink, director of sales and marketing for BBC Broadcast, which is investigating commercial insertion for its ad-based clients, such as UK-based commercial networks.

So, is it going to be ad supported, or subscription based? The report is unclear, though whichever way they go, being a brit living in Denmark, I'll be one of their first loyal customers im guessing - I'd give my right arm for some decent english language television over here...


I would prefer subscription

I like this, as a person travelling a lot and spending a lot of time in the US and Germany, like you nick, I would be right intae it.

BBC America, yes it is a channel, is frightfully bad. Every home improvement programme is on 10 times a day. It is totally advertisng supported, and I would swear that it has the most ads of any channel in my 300 channel line up in NY. I actually changed my cable company to get BBC, what a waste of time that was!


If the video quality was good and the download speeds reasonable, I think they could do good business just from all the American Doctor Who fans who're being left out from the new series starting this week.

In the meantime, however, I'll just stick with one of the many bittorrent downloads of community-encoded video captures that appear within hours of any showing.

Are the BBC allowed to charge?

While the BBC is funded in it's "unique way" will it be free to licence payers?

I think it is fair to say that the majority of Brits will live in a household that pays the licence fee, so the simple way is if you're on a British IP then you get it for zilch whereas Nick other Ex pats and jonny foreigners should pay.

I can see a huge market place opening up for British proxies!

That's the way they do video on the news site

Most of the time when I access news from the US then I can't get the video. We used to get it but not any more. I am a licence payer as well.

Whilst I'm here, I'll take two of them proxy thinggies.


>>all the American Doctor Who fans

You are right there. I would seriously consider this anyway, but access to Dr. Who might finalize the sale if BBC America won't pick up Who.

I think the BBC's Olympic coverage got them thinking of this. I do hope they make it available here in the US, not just UK and Europe. Also if they have some sort of software for it I hope they have a Mac version.


There was quite a lot of talk some time back about them developing their own digital video format, in fact, it might have been you that pointed that out i think Brad?

It better bloody well work on linux too...


Dirac is very much alive and well and living at SourceForge:


I cannot imagine them doing these downloads with *shudder* Realplayer.

>>own digital video format

Yeah, the BBC must have been quietly planning this for some time. Still waters... Good for them. The American networks are all asleep.

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