Google Back Down in AFP Case

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Google removing Agence France Presse from Google
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It appears that Google are backing down in the Google News vs Agence France Presse case. Infoworld breaks the news with a press release that appears to have been issued by Google:

Inc. is in the process of removing French news agency Agence France Presse (AFP) from its Google News service, which aggregates links to online articles and accompanying photos from about 4,500 news outlets.

Google's decision is a direct reaction to a lawsuit AFP filed against the search engine provider alleging copyright infringement over the inclusion of AFP content in Google News, said Steve Langdon, a Google spokesman, on Monday.

Google doesn't have a timetable for when all AFP links and content will be removed from Google News, but the company is actively working on the matter, Langdon said


Won't save them from more of the same ...

... once the dams are broken, how will they stop the deluge?

not to say the French are like that

It's more like "the print press is like that". Still, AFP is a news agency and their business is getting their news out everywhere, so it seems like that AFP is showing an example here, related to the English language Google Print collection debate not so long ago. I wouldn't be surprised if a French language (and/or European focused) News Engine launched soon (pure speculation of course).

Also, they do have an agreement with Yahoo! since March 2003 (empty press release?!)


So Google's denials that it was not technically possible were smoke. Heh. Bet they didn't want to assert those under oath.

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