UK's Channel 5 offering TV Downloads

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Five offers programme downloads
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The BBC are reporting that the UK's Channel 5 will start providing limited downloads for some parts of it's programs..

First on offer will be the ability to download individual car reviews from their 5th Gear program for £1.50 (about $3) - kinda neat, you'll be able to get them in "dvd quality" and for things like that, i could see it proving popular...


I hope this is the start of a new trend

And I really hope Channel 4 take note!

Is it just me, or...

Is Channel 5's website a usability nightmare.

that's logical

most of their TV is a watchability nightmare....


Stopped watching Channel 5 after flicking channels and seeing Keith Chegwin running a round bollock naked – not risked it since. Don't have a TV anymore so no idea if things have improved.

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