Internet Statistics Compendium Launched

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Story Text: has published an "Internet Statistics Compendium" containing hundreds of relevent internet facts - everything from broadband take up to average conversion rates of PPC campaigns.

Unfortunately, for the full report there is a charge of GBP 99+VAT.

A snippet from the free sample is:

2004 e-readiness top 10 rankings
1. Denmark: 8.28
2. UK: 8.27
3. Sweden: 8.25
4. Norway: 8.11
5. Finland: 8.08
6. US: 8.04
7. Singapore: 8.02
8. Netherlands: 8.00
9. Hong Kong: 7.97
10. Switzerland: 7.96 [eTForecasts, Sept 2004]


what's an "e-readiness" ?

Almost always nice to see this extremely small country on top of some list (there are a few exceptions), but what exactly is "e-readiness"?

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