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Pr Prowler?
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Once you get past the quite amusing observations that PR Prowler has a toolbar PR of 4! You can find some nice honest sounding member reviews of the product.

The thread started a couple of months ago and is still active, if your looking for a PR tool to find link partners I hear it's not bad, but do check out the thread..

This, from SEOChat member keitht

I second that motion. Worth my hard earned bucks, it basically does what it says. My only beef is that it seems to freeze when you try and give it much higher than the stock 1000 URL's to retrieve. I can't say this for sure is a bug as I haven't tried on any other machines, but given the simplicity of the program i'd be shocked if it was actually choking because of my system. It basically just runs halfway up the process bar and won't retrieve any more URL's in numbers like 20,000.