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LiveJournal, the blogging social network recently aquired by SixApart, makers of MovableType has gone and done a Technorati and added tags to it's service.

Think this isn't important for Search marketing? Here's a tip: If you run a trackback enabled website, and are writing on a subject then a good way of finding good topical pages to link out to and get trackbacks linking back is the folksonomic tagging systems implemented by Technorati tags, Del.icio.us, Metafilter tags and now LiveJournal tags.

Simply find the tag that suits your subject and link to the blog posts you find in it. If the entry doesn't have trackback enabled then find another, or link to it anyway...

You can also ping Technorati and get your pages included in the tags there, and of course add your pages to Del.icio.us - People read this stuff ya know, and link to what they find...



one of these days..

- you simply have to explain this trackback-and-ping-thingy. What is it, really? And what does it do? And what's a "technorati" by the way? I bet it's just something totally simple, but sometimes i feel the "blogosphere" is an entirely different world than the world of web sites...

Following the thread link i end up at some sort of "keywords spam page" with lots of unrelated links - what's with that? Why is this "good" when it's a blog but "bad" when it's a web page? Is it because there's some kind of "artisic expression" in the different font sizes?

Pardon my ignorance, but i just don't know about this stuff (plus, i've just got out of bed)

Easier ways ... :)

Why not just set up automated searches for blogs with similar topics as your posts and then add them to your blogspambot? Some might have trackbacks some not but it all ads up. It can be fully automated :)


Trackbacks allow you to quote another source and let that source know you have quoted them and link to them. It comes with most major blogging packages, and can even be integrated into Googles blogger using Haloscan.

Technorati is part of the blogosphere and a little harder to explain. It helps categorize the blogoshere. You try searching on it by subject/keywords or website or Author

The best way to see it in action to join technorati, and then add technorati tags

There are all sorts of ways for legitimate bloggers to use them. Which means there are twice as many ways for spammers to use them as well, all you need to do is think outside of the can ;-)


Trackback is part of what make blogs a communications medium. It enables me to tell you, that my post is talking about your post, and vice versa.

If you check out this example you'll notice that on TW the TB's are displayed as comments, aswell as if you click the Trackback tab at the top of any post.

Try following the link at the bottom of that comment, it goes to a post Brian published, referencing this one. Distributed conversation. In December, John Udell wrote The Network is the Blog and explains the concept very well indeed.

As for the technical details, See the MovableType Trackback explanation It's worth reading.

Following the thread link i end up at some sort of "keywords spam page" with lots of unrelated links - what's with that? Why is this "good" when it's a blog but "bad" when it's a web page? Is it because there's some kind of "artisic expression" in the different font sizes?

Well, firstly, those links lead to pages that are noindex,nofollow,noarchive - there is no "spam" involved here - stop thinking like a search marketer, and think like a communicator :)

Im not keen on the enlarged words, but it's simply a visual way of showing which 'tags' have most entries. Music is a very popular one as you can see from the tags page.

For more on tags, and folksonomies see Tags & Folksonomies - What are they, and why should you care?, it was linked at the start of this thread.

Search Marketing

In my opinion, search marketers need to get a grip on this stuff fast, it's part of their job to know about how blogs work, why they work, and how they can be used in Search marketing - and folksonomies and tagging similarly - to not be up to speed on this stuff is to seriously miss out on some stella opportunities to rank, and rank well.

Does LiveJournal have tags?

I love the good folks at Threadwatch. Not only is the content great, they're over in the United Kingdom, so when I wake up over here in California I've already got a good handful of their posts in my aggregator. This morning I read that LiveJournal h...

Nic, it's just one out of amn

Nick, it's just one out of many opotunities these days. Not a bad one but don't go blind :)

getting a grip

...thanks a lot, i'll be getting there sometime :) Btw. that techno site still seems to me as one big automated scraper site, with added aff pages but i guess it's also useful, and that's just the way the blog world works *lol*

It's really amusing in a way to discover that issues that are somehow/sometimes looked down upon in the web site world (scraping, spamming, automated linking/recips, etc) is all the rage in the blogosphere. Of course it's pretty convenient as well and probably also very useful (adding "real value"), i don't deny that - it's just some sort of contrast. With web sites, "automatic" is often a no-no, with blogs it's "way to go". Then again, this is often from a SE perspective, not really from a user perspective.

I'm already starting to dig into this new territory - i have followed it on the sideline for several years (literally), but haven't made any efforts to get into it because i found that the vast majority of blogs were plainly un-interesting (like the majority of tripod pages and such) - i guess that i was just confusing the media (interesting) with the message (largely not so).

Nick, i'll be blaming you for anything interesting i might find in this field. This particular blog has certainly opened my eyes to a few things :-)

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