Knowledge graph: is it the beginning of the end?


I had a bit of a rant about knowledge graph You don't have to read it I will summarise it here.

Google has implemented the new Knowledge Graph Carousel.

I argue that Google is doing this to push organic results further down the page and below the fold. The valuable real estate on page 1 is diminishing all the time not just by knowledge graph.

Knowledge Graph is starting to appear for some commercial terms for example "greek islands" and will soon appear for all keyword terms. This keeps the users on their site and away from the publishers that are providing the content. 

Google has reneged on the gentleman's agreement they had with publishers (that being publishers published and Google drove traffic to the best of them, everyone made some money and everyone was happy, "well not everyone")

Are we as publishers seeing the the beginning of the end? Are brands even able to survive in this kind of ecosystem?

I do go on to say things like mobile is probably forcing their hand somewhat as us mobile users don't want hundreds of blue links in fact we want one answer to our query when we can get it. 

I know even people I respect like Barry Schwartz love knowledge graph and think it is great for the user, which is true but how good is it for the publishers who make the content? 

Are we moving to a point in time where Google will not only be the arbiter of traffic but also the generator of the content?

I used to think this gloomy future was at least 10 years away but now I am not so sure I think it's coming upon us faster and faster all the time and might be here sooner than any of us think and we won't have time to adapt.

Anyway I could be wrong. what are you guys thinking?


This has been taking place

This has been taking place for sometime now, ever since universal search results started to take place back in 2007.

Is it inevitable?

I agree, Jaan, it's been the direction for some time, by design.

Google has clearly stated their intent to be an "answer engine", and if they can peddle ads to companies that aspire to be the answer, I think we can bet they'll continue on that path.

With billions of dollars being spent to be in the top 3-5 results, I think it's safe to assume that even more would be spent to be the only result. And as Siri-type interfaces continue to develop for mobiles (and eventually all systems), the only result that will really matter will be the one that's stated. The KG is key to that, and from my viewpoint, fleshing it out was the only real reason behind G+. It's not a social platform, it's a data harvester.

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