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Nice, looks like someone took Mark Pilgrim's Butler tool that we talked about a couple of days ago, improved on it, and gave it a domain:

In this incarnation, you can choose the features you want to alter on Google services such as:

  • remove ads
  • add links to other web search sites
  • news results, add links to other news search sites
  • movie results, add links to other movie review sites
  • weather results, add links to other weather sites
  • product results, add links to other product search sites

So you get to pick and choose exaclty what you do and dont want to change.

I still can't help feeling that the backlash over Autolink Google are suffering is just so.... easily avoidable.. but I guess only Google know why they continue to refuse to participate in this ongoing discussion.

ADDED: Wow! He linked to Threadwatch aswell, thankyou! I dont know who built this, one Daniel Wieselberg, from the whois info, but geezer, if you'd like to contact me go right ahead and drop a comment :)



Wow that's pretty damn cool! A real bonus for power users.

Yeah it's a shame they've gone to monologue only mode.

domain name

won't they get stopped for having google in the domain name?

parity law

I think the site would need some more irony to be exempt under parity laws.
(to the site owner, add some sarcasm and some politics)

or maybe buy ?


well, that's taken. maybe something along those lines, though...

More suggestions?

I've modified the Butler script in several ways.

- I've removed the black line in top saying 'Butler'
- I've removed the change of fonts
- I've added the possibility to remove ads in Gmail

I removed the things that was annoying to me :)

Any other suggestions on how to improve are welcome!


I love it. I didn't like the black bar in butler and the fonts sucked, thought it was undoubtably a very cool bit of work from Mark -

thanks for that Daniel, and drop me a line if you do anything else with it ok?


Suggested Modification

Can we have the script call on a CSS stylesheet. People can then use their own stylesheets and some funny stuff could happen.

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