Google's Blogger out of Juice, Oregon Property Deal Makes Sense


As infoworld reports like many others today on problems with Google's Blogger tool, the property deal they made back in February begins to make sense.

Blogger's Biz Stone said on the Blogger weblog that the reason Blogger was suffering performance issues was not down to hardware, but power. They just don't got enough juice for all dem busy blogger folks...

Meanwhile, Phil Ringnalda posted his surmise on the 30acre, $1.9 million property buy in The Dalles, Oregon

See, the most significant thing you notice when you're in (okay, driving through) The Dalles is The Dalles Dam, a 1.8 million kilowatt generating monster that stretches a mile and a half across the Columbia River. Hmm. River. Rereading the article, I see where discussions of water supply, and wastewater treatment came up, too, and The Dalles is going to have to beef up its water system, though because the waste won't require much in the way of treatment, not the wastewater system.

It seems logical doesn't it? And would explain the mystery of the Oregan facility that everyone was scratching their heads about last month.

Is GOOG running out of juice?