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Mary Meeker Smells the Yahoo Money in Syndication
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Jeremey Zowodny talks about a Market Watch story on blogs, money, syndication and Yahoo!

In a new research report, Mary Meeker writes that the inclusion of syndicated news feeds -- known as RSS, as in "rich site summary" or "really simple syndication" -- in Yahoo's My Yahoo page is playing a key role in driving blog readership and RSS usage. More readers translate into more advertising revenue opportunities, she reasons.

see this report in pdf

RC, you were right about this stuff, it just took longer to happen than we thought.

Im a big syndication fan, in fact, i wish i had a little more time to spend on it, i have some heavy reading to do at the weekend...

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if you're new to blogs, firstly, WHY? secondly, you might like this from Jim Hedger:
Blogs :: Client Communications as Ranking Tools
Gives a nice basic intro to the whole concept. Thanks Jim!



Does anyone have any thoughts on syndication marketing (adds inserted into rss/atom feeds..)?

>thoughts Yeah, search eng


Yeah, search engines are going to be pistol-whipped by RSS spamming.

>were right

Just another lucky guess, Nick.


already oiling my six shooter heh...

I came back to edit that comment, but if your english i could hardly deprive you of the unintentional nob gag now could I?

>unintentional HHH! Leave


HHH! Leave it, it still works in the context of that statement.

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