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Google AdSense Bay Area Forum – March 16, 2005
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Jennifer Slegg, a good friend of Threadwatch and mine, has written up her experiences at Googles Bay Area Adsense Forum held at the 'plex on the 16th. Among the speakers, Chris Pirillo and Jen herself.

Well worth a look if you publish for Adsense $$$'s.


Google employees as professional SEOs

She also shared that many AdSense team members are also publishers as well, so they experience both sides of the program

This bothers me. Being that close to the algo would seem to give Google folk an advantage. No?

Google, Yahoo and others are doing it

Most of the big players have people on both sides of the wall. Supposedly they do not share secrets about the algo with them. You just have to accept it and move on, nothing you can do.

made for adsense

"...and I went through different ways to make content specifically for AdSense..."



Wake up Andrews and a belated welcome to the real world.

Jenstar rocks BTW.


There is a world of difference between creating *quality* content for AdSense, and creating :ahem: less-than-quality content for AdSense. I was obviously advocating the former ;)

As for Googlers also being publishers, they are obviously going to have a better insight into features that AdSense needs if they have first-hand experience with it. Likewise, I am sure the support team would be much better at answering support queries if they have first hand experience with the product as well.

oodroi is right on the money with his observation.

Thanks NFFC :)

duh and thanks for the rudeness

"Wake up Andrews and a belated welcome to the real world....Jenstar rocks BTW."

Yawn. Need we really turn TW into another WMW with quick-assumption posts like that? "Duh!" on you point about reality, NFFC. Now go find another public display of "made FOR adsense" sponsored by G, and I will honestly buy you a beer. Until then... whatever.

and I will honestly buy you a beer

Can I have the beer anyway?

only in New York

and not on Sundays before noon. OK so I'm easy that way.

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