Lessig Launches Collabrative Editing of New Book

Lawrence Lessig has launched a Jotspot wiki to allow public revisions of Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace. From the Wiki:

Once the the project nears completion, Professor Lessig will take the contents of this wiki and ready it for publication. The resulting book, Code v.2, will be published in late 2005 by Basic Books. All royalties, including the book advance, will be donated to Creative Commons.

Many may know Lessig as one of the creators of the Creative Commons licensing system, and he's still trying to pushing copyright laws into the 21st Century. The Code wiki was launched simultaneously with a new CC draft. From Lessig's blog:

Creative Commons has also taken this opportunity to launch a beta version of a newly branded tweak of an old license -- the CC-Wiki license. We've been talking to wiki developers for some time now. They've been looking for a license that was (1) share alike, but (2) required attribution back to the wiki, rather than to the individual contributors to the wiki. We realized that could be achieved with a very slight change to our existing Attribution-ShareAlike license: rather than requiring attribution back to the copyright holder, require attribution back to either the copyright holder or a designated entity.

Thanks to Mr. Rubel.



That's one use for wiki's that really would work i think..

I like the idea of collaborative editing, if the rollbacks are robust enough the resultant information and the benefit of having your work scrutinized by many eyes is big..

Thanks YS..