New Rich Snippets Test "In-Depth Articles"


Dr Pete at Moz tipped of SEL about a new in-depth article snippet he found in Google's SERPS.It appeared below the maps when he done a local search.

It shows a featured image (larger than the author snippet size) and what looks like it may be an organization + logo, or it may be rel=publisher markup from the site.


It does look like they are

It does look like they are grabbing the publisher profile pic from Google Plus!

But I can't find rel="publisher" markup on the home pages, unless I am blind!

Another thing that alerts me: Will this change give EVEN MORE exposure to huge brands versus smaller ones? Wondering how they determine "indepth"? Just by domain the article appears on?


I hope it's not domain based!

If they decide who appears here based on domain then I will be dissapointed. If it's based on brands then I probably won't show but if Google have a good algorithm for deciding what an 'in-depth article' is then this might be one of the best things to happen for me in the SERPS since author markup started showing.


It's definetly interesting to note that there is no rel="publisher" markup on the pages shown. Could be a cascading issue, similar to the rel="author" issues we spoke about before. It could be something much deeper, for intance are they could simply be connecting a domain based on domain verification for the G+ page. I don't really know, definetly something that needs to be invested, Ann!

To my note about the home

To my note about the home pages NOT having rel="publisher"... it appears Google has made it easier to verify (which by the way proves that they are taking "publisher" verification seriously!)

Google now allows websites that are already verified in Webmaster Tools to verify G+ pages:

They also support logo verification through

Thanks, Brian, for the head-ups!


Sweet baby!

This is interesting, I love rich snippets, especially if they have to do with content marketing and eCommerce. :-D

Very insightful Anne, you opened up my eye's, never thought of it that way.

- Whitney Segura

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