Someone is finally talking about UGC and Google beating them down


I manage a lot of UGC sites for SEO and have seen plenty of traffic fluctuations in the past year.  I have searched many times on the subject and finally I found some decent feedback on it:!msg/webmasters/T-4i0yB7CrQ/M7mngz551hgJ


off-topic content on the site

"a lot of content indexed there -- and some of that doesn't seem to be overly relevant"... When our algorithms look at the quality of a website, they look at it overall -- including pages like these that may be indexed"

Well, there you go. If the content is off-topic and not relevant to your site, nuke it.

"make sure that all of your indexed pages are of the highest quality possible"

Bill have you moderated a

Bill have you moderated a forum with over 9,000 thread starts and over 20,000 post replies a month?  Impossible to know what is always relevant or not.  This move by Google (if actually done) is ridiculous.

I agree

I agree, you would have to have a lot of moderators that care enough to keep everything on topic. Alternative is to put certain content in a section that's not crawled by Google and only 'promote' good content/posts/threads to a crawlable section of the site.

Needless to say, by taking the position that they are taking, Google is saying that they don't want large unmoderated UGC content in their index.

You end up being like webmasterworld

The problem with heavily controled UGC is that you end up like webmasterworld. While there is some good information there. There isn't the free flow of thinking that will end up having some huge insight. While I love WMW and I have been lurker there for many many years. You just get the feeling that the same old people are going over the same old stuff. But that is because they have a heavy focus on trying to keep the forum properly SEO'd aswell as talking about SEO issues.

While WMW has pretty SEO for a forum that control on the actual SEO stimies good discussion.

A case in point

An good exmaple of what I am talking about is this post by tedster while understand why he has put it up. What it ends up doing is shutting down the conversation. Having said that it is hard to find the balance. I guess WMW main problem is that they seem to concerned with Google traffic. A true forum shouldn't rely on Google traffic if at all possible.

I run 2 UGC sites each with

I run 2 UGC sites each with over 1million indexed pages. I have yet to see any effect on them "so far".

I do use everything I can to stop spam.. The best in my opinion is not allowing users to post links until you reach 25 posts.. spammers are nuked with 5-10 posts normally.. 

One of the sites is invite only now due to spammers. You have to send links of your work and then you will get approved. 


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