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Google Unveils Google Code
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Added by Nick >> Back in December last year Google took a fair amount of criticism over their attitude to Open Source, Threadwatch member claus reports on - Google's apparent, payback to the OS community.

Google Code - Google goes the way of Yahoo Developers Network

A nice little post hiding on the Searchenginewatch blog today - Google has launched a new subdomain: Under the heading "Welcome to Google Code, Google's place for Open Source software", Google now creates a developer place, like the recently announced Yahoo! Developer Network. From FAQ:

What is is our site for external developers interested in Google-related development. It’s where we’ll publish free source code and lists of our API services.

Who are the people behind
A lot of people worked together to both prepare source code for release and prepare for launch and ongoing maintenance. We really care about free and open source software (F/OSS) at Google, and this site is one aspect of that affection.

Sounds nice - bring it on !



their featured project at the moment is by none other than Mark Pilgrim. i wonder if they're unofficially saying they don't care about his Butler extension? ;)


And if i were about to make a public statement about Autolinks future, i'd be doing it in about 24/48hrs from now when that news has finally got round and all the geeks are good and excited about Google entering the Open Source discussion finally...


Gmail out of beta - adsensers can now talk about all the money they make - a weird OSX hommage thingy - and then this... all in a very short timeframe. Of course it is all good, but... well, there's just something... i can't really put my finger on it.

Anyway, my girlfriends car won't work for much longer, so she's trying to find a new one - one bad thing about this is that new cars are too expensive in this country, another is you get to meet mechanics...

Me: The engine makes this odd sound..
Mechanic: Look, you'll get this nice ad sponsored road map for free...
Me: Okay, but what about the engine, then?
Mechanic: Now, how's about a car stereo? We'll throw that in as well..
Me: Yeah that's nice, but the engine really doesn't sound right.
Mechanic: Didya notice the tires? Brand new they are...
Me: Hey, really.. dontcha think the engine needs to be fixed?
Mechanic: Battery's brand new... five door model, much better than two doors...
Me: You really don't want to talk about that engine, huh?

okay, that wasn't funny

..thought so myself... need to get out more, it seems :-)

that was very funny

..everyone must have been asleep

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