Peter Davanzo's thought provoking book review on a thought provoking book that every SEO should read


This piece struck a chord in me. It is about stuff that all of us that live our lives online feel but can't articulate. Peter gives us a well written explanation of what John Lanier is proposing in his text. 

Like I said we all feel this is what is happening but we just can't express properly how or why it is happening. These 2 indivduals go a long way to uncover these facts.

While I haven't read the book this article made me order it.


Ok you got me intrigued :)

Which thought provoking book and review are we talking about here?

Which thought provoking book and review are we talking about?

Hey Ann!

The (new) book is Jaron Lanier's Who Owns the Future? 

The review was by Peter Da Vanzo at SEO Book, via "GoogleMart"

(I mentioned it in last Wed.'s roundup ;-)

This is the post TS is

This is the post TS is talking about:

Oops sorry!

I forgot the link? doh!

SEO Book - Review

That piece struck a chord w/me too - an excellent review capturing that alienating feeling that is so difficult to express. I'm going to have to order the book, as well!

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