What a Slashdotting Looks Like


Got slashdotted yesterday, as you might know. Server didn't have any problems but i burned around 1,5 Gig of bandwith in one day on an otherwise low-traffic site. The automatic bandwith limit cut me off quite quickly, so my host added some more.

Here's what it looked like in bandwith terms - don't bother looking at the hours as i don't really know which timezone they belong to.

It looks like bandwith was cut twice. The first time, i had exceeded my quota by 50% so my host tripled the quota and promised to keep an eye on it. I guess the triple wasn't enough, as later i went out for lunch and it seems i met the tripled quota as well and the host raised it yet again.

Observation 1: Slashdotting hits instantly at peak - no build up, so there's no time for taking precautions
Observation 2: A good hosts is a good thing to have.


I've been slashdoted a few ti

I've been slashdoted a few times, that's, the patter I usually get -- a massive front which turns into a trickle within two day. The first day is usually worth about 10k uniques.

24 hours later

*lol* goodroi, a slashdot reader actually posted the same thing ;)

The slashdotted page is now indexed by Yahoo, and you can actually find it as #2 for it's title (without quotes) - Google does not even have it indexed yet.

The bandwith tail continued at the lowest level from the graph above for about 8-12 hours more, now it's down to about 50% of that level. So, if your server and bandwith can handle the first 1-2 peak hours it seems that there's an even larger amount of traffic in the tail.

Here's an opportunity for money

Check the referal site and if its slashdot place alot of expensive ads up. The ad revenue should cover the bandwidth cost :)


I've been very careful to ensure that TW doesn't suffer a bandwidth cap, but so far, bandwidth hasn't actually the issue - it's resources used.

TW is quite resource intensive, especially when it gets slashdotted repeatedly in the same week, but there's still a lot of strength in this server and there are no real concerns yet.


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One thing i have noticed, as we got a mini slashdotting monday aswell, if you have a referer tracking system on your site (like "see who's refering within the last hour") as i do here, you'll notice the first couple of hits from http://slashdot.org/ but when you go to the page, there is no story linking to you.

10mins later, all hell breaks loose...

There's a reason for this.

There's a reason for this.

Slashdot has a subscription system that gives members access to the stories for a few minutes before the unwashed masses get it.


Had this happen as well

I got /. middle of last year. Almost killed the website at the peak.

And here's ours...

Thanks claus, fun eh? Here's TW's stats for this month, i couldnt get a nice one day graph like yours..