WSJ: Yahoo Deal Shows Power Shift


The Wall Street Journal has an intersting take on The Yahoo buy out of Tumblr

I am not sure if I agree with their point of view, I am inclined to think that there is a good chance that tumblr will become another geocities (anyone here old enough to remember that?), after Yahoo start tinkering with it. 

One thing that this has borne out is that Marissa is a good strong leader at Yahoo and willing to make some big investments. Just what yahoo needed.


I like the fact that the very

I like the fact that the very next day they rolled out the new Flickr that was nearly killed off by Yahoo's previous leadership. I'm betting on a combination of the two sites in the near future. 

Yeah Marissa actually has a clue.

Shame Yahoo had a succession of clueless CEO's before Marissa appeared on the scene!

I'm really excited

I love to root for the underdog...I was so excited about Marissa joining Yahoo (although, my inner conspiricy theorist was wondering if she was put there to eventually lead google acquisition of yahoo, at first :) ).

....I have faith that Marissia Mayer gets it..and she understands how communities are sensitive to change...

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