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Google SMS Search Discontinued without Warning Submitted by: William Patton - Mon, 2013-05-13

Google's SMS search feature, where you could text a question to google and get a response, has been discontinued without warning. Whenever a product is being discontinued it's normal for there to be a warning period beforehand, this time there was not. When you send a message to the service you get this reply: - "SMS search has been shutdown. You can continue to search the web at on any device."

Has this service now become obsolete anyway? It strikes me that it would have been to accomodate users from the days when phones had no fully functional browsers.

UK Payday Loans Search Results to Be Hit Submitted by: gabs - Tue, 2013-05-14

Here is Matt Cutts' latest webmaster video on Youtube regarding the up and coming update at Google, including the Penguin 2.0 (or #4) updates. Matt directly mentions a target of the UK payday loans search results. I've taken a screenshot of the current ranking here in the UK for future reference.

DOJ Says It Doesn't Need Warrants to Grab Email and Chat Content Submitted by: DocSheldon - Thu, 2013-05-09

II think it's safe to say this topic will have some folks up in arms. "The Justice Department's disinclination to seek warrants for private files stored on the servers of companies like Apple, Google, and Microsoft continued even after a federal appeals court in 2010 ruled that warrantless access to e-mail violates the Fourth Amendment."

The Science of Re-tweets Submitted by: rogerdooley - Tue, 2013-05-07

Dan Zarrella loves to dissect vast numbers of social media posts to determine which language seems to be the most effective. His latest effort is summarized here: For me, the biggest surprises were that "please help" performed better than a direct call for a re-tweet and that "please re-tweet" did better than the more common "please RT."

The Anatomy of *Resource-Based* Google Suggestions Submitted by: annsmarty - Tue, 2013-05-07

We are all aware of the powerful Google Suggest tool that shows your query suggestions while you are typing. Suggestions are based on the most popular search queries ("query-based"). Googlesystem has a great article on the other type of these suggestions: "resource-based" (i.e. when Google doesn't have a good suggestion, it will try to generate one based on popular n-grams from web pages). The important thing is that these also affect Google Instant and thus some of the long-tail phrases that may lead (or fail to lead) people to your site