Conspiracy Behind the Closing of the Google Affiliate Network


Jonathan Goodman started up a new podcast recently, and one of his first shows was The Google Affiliate Network Conspiracy.

Interesting listen, or you can read his transcipt if podcasts aren't your thing.


Interesting theory, but I

Interesting theory, but I think it may be more simple than that. Google has had a long history of not really liking affiliates. I always thought that them starting up an affiliate network was more about them collecting data on affiliates and how they opperated. Now that they have that data they have no reason to maintain the program.

Thank you Jonathan Goodman

Thank you Jonathan Goodman for the great post showing Conspiracy of Google about affiliate marketing.  It was really shooking for affiliate marketers and affilaite developers like us when they announced to stop thier GAN program. Your podcasting are really hopeful. I would be happy to read your weekly podcosts.  Thank you again.

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Paranoid much

Just because you think people are gathering data on you doesn't mean they aren't. :-D  

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