Delicious Screencast

John Udell has a screencast out that will teach you how to use the folksonomy based social bookmarking system.

Personally i use it for recording comments i've made elsehwere, and just subscribe to the RSS feed that it generates and occasionally go back to those posts to check for replies - in that regard, aswell as discovery of weird and wonderful shit i'd never find without it, it rocks...


Firefox bookmarks

Just came across this post on how to upload all of your firefox bookmarks to delicious..

Mine would need a fair bit of sanitizing first...

weird and wonderful

Yep. Almost like the Web used to be. When traveling from link to link was like going down the rabbit hole into an entire world of interesting ideas and people.

Weird and wonderful is still out there, but the search engines are having trouble finding it. They reply now with the equivalent of, "Did you mean something we place importance on"?