SER reporting an update for May Barry trying to confirm.


There has been lots of chatter about an update in the last few days and Mozcast has been showing positive signs and now Barry believes there is definitely an large update happening.


An update

Looks like Mozcast has had another big spike. flux is mimicing retty closely the mozcast data.

Serpmetrics showing no real signs of anything happening.

and the new kid on the block algoroo is not really saying much either.

Who do we believe? Well from all the anxiety that is being expressed in the forums I am starting to belive mozcast and Serpmetrics may have a better handle on what is going on.


We are hearing a good bit of chatter too, but at this point it is just that. I imagine once the weekend is over we will have a better idea.

They have gone quiet

Looks like they aren't going to tell Barry DIddly on this one.

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