Strategies for Backlinks Through Guest Blogging


I've never been fond of guest blogging, when it comes to people asking to write on my blog. My cynical side says they're all just looking to spread some keyword rich junk around.

But if you're into guest blogging, Sanket Patel shares tips in Guest Blogging - A Boon to the SEO Fraternity



Like most things that are much touted, run into the ground...

Unfortunately, whenever something is shown to deliver some benefit, it gets run into the ground, prompting Google to throttle the abuse. Guest blogging was such a thing, but I think the much touted benefits of it being a great link opportunity were greatly overstated.

As a branding tool and as a means of attracting new traffic, it could deliver more, IMO, for both the guest blogger and the blog owner. But using it as a means of generating links in the post and the author's bio just poisoned the well.

I've always been pretty picky about who I allow to guest post on a blog, and equally cautious about where I guest blog. I rarely do either anymore.

Bloody link builders - they

Bloody link builders - they spoil everything they touch :)

We have just recently started

We have just recently started doing Guest blogging and the response rate has been terrific. We are providing quality content and only contacting very targeted blogs though. I guess it comes back to doing it right or wrong.

I agree with you here. If

I agree with you here. If someone takes the time to write an engaging post on any given topic I feel a referring link back is justified. Partly because the added content and the time taken will benefit the host site, and potentially more than the site receiving the link back. There is use and abuse and anywhere you go in life there is 'spam' in some form or another.

It's OK if you're a journalist. ...

John Mueller made an interesting exception for journalists, who apparently do not need to nofollow their link back home.  The rest of the world has given up on trying to distinguish between journalists and bloggers.  Indeed most journalists are now bloggers.  Google needs to hang on to this dubious distinction to have an apparently plausible reason for allowing some backlinks to be left without nofollow.

By now I think Google is becoming like a religious movement where it's not logic but faith that fuels actions.

I've said that before: Poor

I've said that before: Poor guys don't know how to "put" it any more. No matter what they say, it will be misinterpreted :)

It's not that they are now going to distinguish between journalists and bloggers (or make up new flags for that), it's that they can't find the right words to answer stupid questions!

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