Microsoft Paid Search Ads to be Announced Tomorrow

Interesting story in the that appears to have got out before an embargo time - it quotes Bloomberg News as the originator. You need to sign up for the article, but its worth the read. I would think there will be another big drop in G shares tomorrow.

The service will be similar to competing programs from Google Inc. and Yahoo! Inc. Microsoft will announce a pilot program March 16, said the people, who asked not to be identified. These paid searches auction off placement next to Web search results to companies with related products.
Microsoft spokeswoman Karen Redetzki declined to comment. Microsoft is holding briefings with reporters tomorrow, she said. MSN is holding a conference for its advertisers this week and plans to make the announcement there, the people said.
Microsoft has almost 10 times as much in cash and short-term investments as Yahoo and more than 16 times as much as Google, and winning customers with price cuts may be considered a "pretty good use of cash," Pyykkonen said.


Announcement today

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Looks like the announcement will come today...


MSN is the easiest to rank organically, rather spend PPC dollars with google/yahoo.

I'm not holding my breath

It took MSN a very long time to launch their search technology. When they finally did, it was a poor of low quality. I don't expect them to move any faster on their paid program. They are lucky they have the Overture deal until 2006 (i think it is mid 2006).

Speculation: MSN Planning to Release PPC Program Soon

The rumor that spilled and started yesterday was that MSN will be announcing their new pay per click service very soon. While this is not a big surprise in itself since they have been recruiting for the positions associated with the new service for qu...

I wonder...

Guessing they will continue to use overture filler...for instance...they're probably not going to let a "personal injury lawyer" click go for a quarter anytime soon just because they're new. I wonder if they have an algorithm to determine where they make the most profit...IE (we make 50% of overture at $1.00/click, so serve O results until the bid on MSN ppc reaches at least .50)...hmmm...otherwise SEO's and affiliates might be REAL happy with nickel and dime clicks again for a while.

Is this the REAL live date, or are they just announcing when the potential "real live date" will be?

This has been on the cards fo

This has been on the cards for a while. I heard the Overture deal was till 2006..