The anatomy of *resource-based* Google suggestions

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We are all aware of the powerful Google Suggest tool that shows your query suggestions while you are typing. Suggestions are based on most popular search queries ("query-based")

Googlesystem has a great article on the other type of these suggestions: "resource-based" i.e. when Google doesn't have a good suggestion, it will try to generate one based on popular n-grams from web pages. Important thing is that these also affect Google Instant and thus some of the long-tail phrases that may lead (or fail to lead) people to your site. There two interesting comments on that:

  • Rand Fishkin: "beware how sites write about your brand..."
  • Julia Hidy: "The semantic Web 3.0 world is far closer than we think. "

Here's the "resource-based" suggestion:


Here's the exact-match search for it:

resource-based suggestions


The anatomy of *resource-based* Google suggestions

Great find, Ann! I completely missed this one. Thank you :)

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